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Shop Layout and Design

AEII has analyzed hundreds of innovative repair facilities worldwide to bring a global picture of state-of-the-art design, form, and function.

We design and implement advanced industrialized processes that improves productivity and throughput beyond today's current highest performance levels. AEII makes theories from the Toyota Production System (TPS),
Lean Manufacturing,  Theory of Constraints (TOC), and Linear Processing come to life in a repair facility's production system.

AEII can work with you, your architect, and vendors to design the most innovative solution to date. AEII is available to manage the financial analysis and business planning, shop design, construction, equipment procurement, and through the startup phases, training, and Grand Opening ... so you can concentrate on your current business needs.

AEII also develops financial and marketing models as well as complete business plans for your financial institute..


From Concept to Completion

AEII can handle the complete project, so you can concentrate on your existing business.

Design Management ...

AEII works with your or our CAD specialist to put your vision on paper. AEII then
can work with your architect to produce construction drawings.





Construction Management

AEII can work with your builder of choice to manage the construction and ensure
there are little surprises along the way.

In addition, AEII can provide services of a purchasing agent to get you the equipment you need at
the best price. AEII provides a complete equipment needs analysis and provides all the financial
planning along the way.




Industrial Process Implementation

AEII can design the optimum workflow and production processes into your new facility.
Once these have been designed, AEII can provide the training and support necessary
to achieve your production goals.


Grand Openings

AEII can also provide the strategic marketing support to get your new facility off
and running with Grand Openings and local, regional, and national promotions.



AEII can handle the complete project, from concept to profitable reality ...


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