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Risk Management

Today the stakes are higher than they have ever been ... simple mistakes or the wrong choices can inflict great costs to your business future.     

The risks in business today come from all directions. The government regulations, EPA, Workplace Safety, Health Exposures, HR Issues, Product Liability, and General Liability Risks have and will continue to increase each year.

Do you understand your risks ?

Are you prepared to deal with these risks ?

AEII can provide you with a Risk Assessment Analysis that will provide you an understanding of your business risks.

There is no reason to be "blindsided" when you can anticipate it today.




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Your Critical Data ...

     A Risk You Don't Have to Take !


How often do you backup your critical data such as your accounting files, estimating files, management system files, and other company documents ?

Are you still using a tape back up ?

How often is the operation forgotten ?
Do you take the tapes off-site ?
Is it a hassle ?

Today there is no better way to reduce the risk of critical data loss than to use an automatic internet based backup system !

It is also the most cost effective solution as well ...
At around $400.00 per year for most shops, this program provides up to a 30 day incremental backup
off-site automatically of all your critical data !

You can always reinstall programs ... but once the
data is lost ... it is gone forever.

Whether you already have a tape backup or not ... this risk removal tool is an important investment.

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Our Services are an investment not an expense. We firmly believe we can make a difference in your real profit ...

     The Bottom Line !

We stand behind what we do and ...

       We will exceed your expectations.

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