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Innovative Products 

      AEII has searched worldwide for innovative products and
      services we can provide our clients with a competitive edge.

     The products we have uncovered are designed to be the best
     of the best and provide the greatest return on investment.

     Keep checking back in this area because we are constantly
     adding new products  which may provide you with the edge
     on your competition you are looking for.


Products, Services, and Business Solutions Listing:


     The BOSs

     There is no other resource available to date that includes this comprehensive knowledge base
     to improve your business. The Knowledge Base in The BOSs
is filled with Industry Forms,
     procedures, best practices, pay plans, job descriptions, and even training programs to allow
     you to improve your business... For complete information and a free 30 day Guest Membership
     click The BOSs
  above or in the left menu.

     Pre-Employment Screening 
     One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners is to not utilizing pre-employment screening
     tools that are available to them, to improve the success of their new hires.  

     Have you hired someone and later found they are nothing as they seemed during the interview ?
     Have you had to terminate someone because they didn't fit into the job ?

     The Pre-employment Screening tools will provide you with information you never had ... before
     you hire the wrong candidate. The Step One Survey
® is a very cost effective solution to your
     pre-hiring challenges. For more complete information click Pre-Employment Screening above or
     in the left menu.
     Software Solutions
     We have researched and tested many software solutions for our Industry. Many we have found
     solve many of the common daily problems you are facing. We will continue to research and test
     software solutions, and we can provide you with answers to your questions as well as support
     your needs.  For a current listing of the latest innovations in software click Software Solutions above
     or in the left menu.


     Marketing Solutions
     Do you want to increase your market share ? Are you looking for a solution to manage your marketing
     personnel or outsourced service ? We have partnered with a leading CRM software developer,
     Aleconn, to design and develop a web based solution to manage your marketing efforts and track the
     activities and results.

     The program is called Sales Plus and a free demo is available as well as we offer free Webinars
     on a regular basis. If you would like to see a how the program can provide you with the competitive
     edge in your market, click on the Webinar link for our scheduled live demonstrations or contact us


     Quality Improvement
     Never before has the need to improve operating processes been so strong. Competition is great to
     improve efficiencies, cycle time, consistency, while reducing costs to improve profits. Utilizing an
     internationally recognized system of quality standards will allow your organization to reduce costs and
     increase quality. These quality standards have proven their effectiveness worldwide time and time again.

     For more complete information click Quality Improvement above or  in the left menu.

      Shop Equipment
      There are hundreds of innovative products available to our Industry that you simply may have not seen
      or heard of yet. We continuously look for new and better ideas and products worldwide. Many times
      these innovative products just don't have the ability to market nationwide or in this Country. We work
      directly with the manufacturers to make them available to you.

      For a current listing of the latest innovations in Shop Equipment click Shop Equipment above
      or in the left menu.

      Quality Improvement Product Link: Click Here

     Cost Reduction
     One of the key elements of improving profits is to constantly examine costs of doing business 
     and strive to reduce them while improving them. This is a task many small business owners just never
     get around to. When we work with clients worldwide, we examine these areas to reduce costs and
     increase the quality of the offering while at the same time improve profitability.

     The main reason most small business owners can not achieve the same results as we do, is because
     they are too busy running their business, and simply do not have the resources to look for the best
     solutions. This year we are examining many cost areas and will provide solutions that will certainly
      improve your bottom line ... yet cost you basically nothing.

    Allow us to do a cost analysis for you in key areas of your business ... I am sure you will be surprised.

     The following are preferred programs we have highly recommended to clients throughout
     North America:

Employee Benefits    
Leasing and Financing     



Bad Check Collections


Rental and Loaner Car Programs    

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