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Providing Clear Direction and Leadership

Founded in 1986, AEII provides a complete offering of Consulting, Training, and System Development Products and Services primarily designed for the Collision Repair Industry.

Through the Affiliated Network, International Consulting Network (ICN), AEII is able to provide the largest range of services and products available to the Industry worldwide.

Whether your needs are technical, financial, operations, process improvement, training, software development, shop layout and design,
quality control, change management, sales, marketing, ISO 9000:2000 implementation, family succession, or future vision support,
AEII is your best choice for a solid future.

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The Champions Group-KS
3rd Meeting
Philidelphia, PA Sept 12th - 13th

AEII Offers AMI Credit
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Walk the Talk ... The Guide to Ethical Management
Restoring Your Lean, Mean Business Machine
Parts Management ... Supply Chain Integration
Attracting, Motivating, and Retaining

Reducing Cycle Time ... Understanding Process Improvement
Getting the Keys ... Now or Never

Stopping the Leaks ... Profits Lost Every Day

Knowing Your Numbers ... Finance 101

QuickBooks for the Collision Industry ... The Right Way !

Standardizing Your Business ... Systems, Process, Auditing

The Five Steps to Mastering Your Business 

Preparation for the Changes to Come ... 

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