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International Consulting Network

International Consulting Network

ICN, International Consulting Network,
is an organization for independent consultants.

ICN was formed to provide independent 
consultants resources for their clients that 
are normally not available. This allows the 
consultant to provide the highest quality 
products and services to their clients while still maintaining their own client relationship.

Members of ICN agree to follow the:


     Code of Ethics


     Code of Engagement


     Code of Confidentiality

This Agreement is based on trust and honesty.
To be eligible for membership requires a
superior knowledge of the Industry.

AEII is proud to support and be part of this 
International Consulting Network of the highest caliber Independent Consultants in the Industry. 

We Work Together to Serve Our Clients


ICN Affiliations

  Body Shop Management Systems
  Collision Management Services
  CR Management
  Custom Layout and Design Services
  ERS - Environmental Resource Services
  Family Business Resource Center
  Generis Accounting
  Human Resource Management
  Norgate Technologies
  Midwest Consulting
  Quality Assurance Systems
  The Academy

       If you are interested in joining ICN, contact us at:

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The Best of the Best are Available for You

Some of the main areas include:

Financial Management
Production Management
Work Flow Analysis
Mission Statements
Vision Development
Employees/Personal Management
ISO 9001-2000 Implementation
Reducing Cycle Time
Marketing and Publicity
Shop Layout and Design
Pay Plans and Incentive Programs
Computers and Networking
Front Office Sales/System Design
Customer Satisfaction Indexing
Business Evaluation and Value
In-House Training Development
Management System Training
Accounting Systems

Our Services are an investment not an expense. We firmly believe we can make a difference in your real profit ...

     The Bottom Line !

We stand behind what we do and ...

       We will exceed your expectations.

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