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Running a collision business today requires timely accurate information and targets to shoot for. Benchmarking Plus ™ brings this information to each business on consistent timely manner ! Making business owners more pro-active and financially stronger.

The benefits of comparing organizations to others is tremendous … Journeys don't have to be walked alone!

AEII provides this service in a easy to understand format and completely discreet. Each report includes over 65 analysis areas, plus the personal key monthly target analysis provided in a easy to understand visual formats. Whether you are financial wizard or just a beginner the Benchmarking Plus™ Program supplies vital information in a way you can benefit.

AEII provides this service automatically for Business Focus Forums and specific implementation programs as well.

Understanding Financials is a critical skill many in our Industry do not possess. This skill
can easily be training through coaching and educational programs. Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for your business is equally important.

           If you don't have a target to shoot for you certainly won't hit it !

Our Clients succeed because they strive to improve their business everyday. This must start with establishing Targets to achieve. Without these targets, there isn't a way to measure your progress or success.


The following are real numbers and comparisons ... where do you stand ?

Full Analysis Example Click Here



PO Box 532363 Indianapolis IN 46253, (317) 290-0611
Copyright 2003 AEII, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


PO Box 532363 Indianapolis IN 46253, (317) 290-0611
Copyright 2003 AEII, LLC. All Rights Reserved.