Code of Ethics                                                                                                               


Members of the International Consulting Network:


    Uphold the highest standard for Quality, Value, and Services to their Clients.

    Provide Services in Professional and Timely Manner

    Provide Services discreetly as directed by the Client

    Do not provide Services that are illegal or against accepted industry standards

    Provide a clear cost assessment for services to their Clients


Services provided includes identifying the needs of the Client, providing a detailed analysis for their review, providing their findings in a manner the Client can understand, provide implementation strategies to meet their needs, and solutions and/or a finished product or service to reach their objectives.




Code of Engagement                                                                                              


When the need arises that a member of ICN requires services performed by another member on behalf of their Client, there are operating procedures which need to followed by all parties. This includes agreements by the members of how communication and services will be provided to the Client.


They Include Establishing:


      Communication Process to the Client

      Lead Consultant and Support Consultant Roles

      Service Offerings, Pricing, and Billing Arrangements

      Implied Confidentiality Agreements between Members


ICN Members when working together can provide the best value the Industry has ever known while still protecting the Lead Consultants Relationship with their Clients. This is the basis of establishing the operating procedures prior to the engagement.





Code of Confidentiality                                                                                            


As Professionals, ICN Members are bound to the strict confidentiality standards as any other professional service is bound to protect their Clients. This includes:


      Distribution of Confidential Information about Clients

      Distribution of Confidential Information about Members

      Publishing Case Studies involving Confidential Client Information


Any information which is deemed confidential by the Client or the ICN Members involved requires written authorizations for usage outside the agreed engagement. In this way the Client and the Members involved are protected.